New Publication: Mindfulness in Psychology

Dr. Bonura shares best practices in integrating mindfulness strategies into psychological care, for the APA Division 1 newsletter.   Bonura, K.B. (2016). Integrating Mindfulness Practices into Psychological Care. The General Psychologist, 49 (2), 20 – 22.

Recommended Resource: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Recommended Resource: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center conducts research on the science of mindfulness, and offers a variety of resources for the public. Paid education classes provide a solid foundation in the science and practice of mindfulness. Classes are offered online and in person. The website also offers Read more ->

Book Review: If the Buddha Married

Start with the premise that you want to stay in your marriage or long-term relationship, and that you have accepted that your spouse/partner is not going to change. That’s the foundation for Charlotte Kasl’s beautiful book on relationships, If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path. Whlie Kasl alludes to Buddhism both Read more ->

Approach Food Mindfully

Often, meditation instructors start with an exercise called “Raisin Awareness.” In the exercise, you learn to actually eat a raisin. Yes, you’ve probably eaten a lot of raisins in your life, but in “Raisin Awareness” you are actually mindful about eating a raisin – what does it smell life, feel like, look like, taste like, Read more ->