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Mindfulness: Self-care for Daily Life

You’ve probably heard a lot about self-care. Self-care means providing adequate attention to your physical and psychological wellness. In this course, we’ll focus on concrete, simple strategies that you can use to improve self-care in your daily life. We’ll be working within a mindfulness-based framework, and we’ll review a variety of gentle, easy-to-implement activities that you can use to take better care of yourself. Our overall goal is for you to feel your best and to maintain long-term motivation to keep taking care of yourself.

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90% of Students Recommend

“Thank you! I took a way some simple things I can do every day to make my life better.”

“Lots of practical and great ideas, presented in a well thought out and sensible manner! I really enjoyed this course! Thank you!”

“Very very useful with good specifics!”

How to Be Good at Stress

In this course, you’ll spend ten days transforming your relationship with stress. Practical exercises will help you build resilience by purposefully challenging yourself through good stress, re-channel anxiety into excitement, and rest and recover effectively. Are you ready to be good at stress?

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95% of Students Recommend

“There are some wonderful strategies here and I have been using some of them. Changing distress to excitement has been particularly helpful. I was able to complete a dreaded task by making it exciting to do it and get it done. Many thanks.”

“Excellent. The best advice I’ve read on stress. Made me see stress more positively.”

“Very informative. A lot of helpful information on stress and how to handle it.”

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