Recommended Resource: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Recommended Resource: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center conducts research on the science of mindfulness, and offers a variety of resources for the public. Paid education classes provide a solid foundation in the science and practice of mindfulness. Classes are offered online and in person. The website also offers Read more ->

Book Review: If the Buddha Married

Start with the premise that you want to stay in your marriage or long-term relationship, and that you have accepted that your spouse/partner is not going to change. That’s the foundation for Charlotte Kasl’s beautiful book on relationships, If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path. Whlie Kasl alludes to Buddhism both Read more ->

Approach Food Mindfully

Often, meditation instructors start with an exercise called “Raisin Awareness.” In the exercise, you learn to actually eat a raisin. Yes, you’ve probably eaten a lot of raisins in your life, but in “Raisin Awareness” you are actually mindful about eating a raisin – what does it smell life, feel like, look like, taste like, Read more ->

How do I become a Yoga Teacher?

First, you should practice yoga regularly. Key to teaching yoga is having your own, personal practice, so that you can internalize the benefits of yoga. It’s also good to challenge yourself in your own yoga practice. For instance, some people are naturally flexible, and will find the stretching aspect of yoga relatively easy. If this Read more ->

What is Yoga?

The Sanskrit word “yoga” means union. When we talk about yoga, what we are really talking about is an exercise practice that is intended to unify your mental and physical health. Yoga brings together physical and psychological exercise to cultivate both physical and psychological health and wellness. It is an exercise practice that is built Read more ->

How Do I Find a Yoga Teacher?

If you are interested in beginning a yoga practice, the best approach is to find a good teacher in your local area. A yoga teacher can provide personalized guidance and adapt the practice to your health and current fitness levels. If you have any health conditions, you should always check with your doctor before beginning Read more ->