“Dr. Bonura was the highlight of the conference. She has a great style: unassuming but confident. Usually people are yoga instructors or researchers. Dr. Bonura integrates research-evidence and practical experience for an engaging presentation.”


Dr. Bonura uses a presentation framework which integrates scientific knowledge with practical experience. Every presentation includes a balance of evidence-based information and experiential training. Participants learn about the topic, and gain direct experience of the topic within the session. Every presentation includes substantial opportunity for Q&A to allow each participant to customize the learning experience to his or her own needs. Every presentation ends with supportive, targeted resources to continue the learning experience. When you leave a session with Dr. Bonura, you are engaged, motivated, and empowered for your personal wellness journey.

“Dr. Bonura was amazing and I would definitely take another class with her! This training program was very helpful and I will leave this course feeling confident in what I have learned.”


Enhance Your Life with Mindfulness Practices

Dr. Bonura offers a variety of presentations that support personal development. Dr. Bonura presents using a balance of scientific evidence and practical application to support participants in applying the material to their lives. Every session includes opportunity for practical experience, making presentations with Dr. Bonura fun and engaging for the audience.

Presentation topics include:

  • How you can use yoga and mindfulness to promote your health and improve your well-being.
  • How you can stay healthy and fit as you age, through a supportive exercise and wellness routine.
  • Why fitness is about more than just exercise.
  • How you can boost your motivation for exercise by making it fun and accessible.

“I LOVED this experience! I thought that the content was fabulous. I felt that Dr. Bonura’s input was right on target. She was extremely knowledgeable in all of the subject areas and so very kind in her approach. Dr. Bonura was/is wonderful and I am so grateful for having had this experience!”

Enhance Your Business and Organizational Effectiveness

The research is clear – if you want a healthy organization, you need healthy people. Businesses that promote employee well-being save costs on medical expenses and improve productivity and efficiency. Creating healthy employees is about more than adding a gym plan to your list of employee benefits. Dr. Bonura’s combined experience as a mindfulness instructor and a corporate manager support her unique perspective in how to facilitate organizational health. Dr. Bonura offers a variety of presentations that support organizational development through a focus on personal wellness.
Presentation topics include:

  • What the research shows about employee engagement – and how caring about the whole employee makes the biggest difference.
  • How to integrate mindfulness strategies into the workplace.
  • How to improve trust and cohesiveness within your organization.
  • Why employee motivation matters – and how the organization can foster it.

“Dr. Bonura was extremely knowledgeable and had a strong desire to help us improve our wellness.”

“She brought real life situations and made my learning experience enjoyable and relevant.”

Support Your Employees Continuing Education and Development

Dr. Bonura offers professional development training about the use of fitness and mindfulness strategies in supporting psychological health for practitioners, including mental health practitioners, bodywork practitioners (such as massage therapists), and nursing professionals. Dr. Bonura can support your employees in better understanding how to integrate holistic fitness practices into an overall wellness program. Drawing from her extensive experience in higher education, Dr. Bonura also offers training and development in the art of teaching itself, to support continuing education for applied educators such as fitness instructors and nurse educators.
Presentation topics include:

  • Mindfulness and yoga strategies for older adults.
  • Mindfulness and yoga strategies in prenatal education.
  • Mindfulness and yoga strategies for children and adolescents.
  • Pelvic Yoga ™ as a holistic approach to incontinence prevention.
  • Integrating mindfulness strategies into bodywork.
  • Best practices in instructional delivery for fitness professionals.
  • Best practices in instructional delivery for nurse educators.

“We had wonderful feedback about your presentation on Pelvic Yoga and wanted you to know that we think it was EXCELLENT. Not a flaw anywhere – PERFECT – O! We hope you enjoyed giving it as much as we (and our students) enjoyed receiving it. – Owners, Yoga studio, Texas”


For more information about a speaking engagement, please contact us at info@drkimberleebonura.com. Dr. Bonura develops every presentation according to your organizational needs and educational focus.