testimonials chair“The Chair Yoga is not so intimidating, especially for beginners of all ages. When you talk about yoga, people think you have to sit cross-legged on the floor and stand on your head, and things like that. Chair Yoga encourages more people to try yoga.”

“This is the perfect Chair Yoga for those who cannot get on the floor or who have limited mobility. This DVD will not disappoint. Kimberlee guides you through a series of Chair Yoga positions which gently strech your body while you focus on your breathing. I highly recommend this DVD.”

“I have ALS. Your Chair Yoga DVD was given to me by a close friend of mine. Although I can’t achieve full extension on many of the poses, I find the video to be very beneficial, especially in regards to breathing. Thank you for your efforts in producing this wonderful product! Namaste.”

“Awesome routine! This routine is rigorous without being hard on joints. I have difficulty doing yoga on the floor, and I was pleasantly surprised that this routine made me work hard and not feel uncomfortable.”


testimonials pelvic“Excellent yoga routine for strengthening the pelvic floor. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow and can easily be done by a someone who has had little or no previous yoga experience.”

“Pelvic Yoga really made a difference for me. Before, I had a tendency to tighten all my muscles – my calves, thighs, everything – and then I’d rush to the bathroom and I’d leak. Learning Pelvic Yoga made a difference. I calmed down, lifted my pelvic floor, and I didn’t leak!”

“The video is good for most, and beginners will find it somewhat challenging in places. But I made it through the whole video with all pelvic floor exercises, and only a few modifications for the more difficult poses. I recommend this to any woman needing to work on the pelvic floor.”


testimonials dr k“Dr. Bonura is an excellent instructor with a lot of knowledge. I believe she is highly qualified. She is very helpful and shows a genuine concern for her participants and definite passion for the subject material. A+++ I would recommend to a friend.”

“Dr. Bonura’s knowledge of the material, professionalism, and energy were all very motivating.”