Great resource: Pelvic Yoga

Pelvic Floor health is necessary for overall health balance, for maintaining urinary and bowel continence, and for sexual health and well-being. You can strengthen the pelvic floor through pelvic floor exercise. Integrating pelvic floor exercise into a comprehensive yoga program offers further support. View this great resource on pelvic floor health and yoga, from YogaUOnline. Read more ->

Pelvic Yoga Exercise: Squat with Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic Yoga Exercise: Squat with Pelvic Floor Exercise Squatting is helpful for developing pelvic strength and control. In cultures where people regularly squat, they have stronger legs and healthier bowels. Squatting provides lower back support, massages abdominal muscles and organs, facilitates circulation, and prevents constipation. Instructions: • Position yourself with your feet apart and your Read more ->

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Instructions for Men

Pelvic Floor Exercise for Men Pelvic Floor contractions, often called Kegels, can be very helpful for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. The challenge is figuring out what you are actually doing and how to contract the muscle. Pelvic floor exercises can help men strengthen the pelvic floor and increase or reestablish urinary control. Read more ->